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Lee County ITF Team Meeting
May 13, 2016
8:30-11:30 AM

  • New standards for teachers and administrators
  • Resources
  • Q & A time

Digital Learning Rubric Review

Guiding Questions
For Exploring your Rubric Data
  • Do your rubric results resonate?
  • Any surprises? Why?
  • Any disappointments? Why?
  • Are there other data sources (e.g. AMTR, TWC, MTAC surveys) you could explore?

For Strategic Planning
  • What are your focus area priorities based on your data?
  • Who are the key players in your district that will help you move you towards Target?
  • What’s your vision for getting additional input as you go through the planning process?

NC Digital Learning Competencies - Teachers and Administrators

Coaching Conversations

DL Frameworks

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Donna Murray