ITF Survey Series:

Throughout the year, I will share Google forms with questions for NCITFs. Please share your experience(s) by responding to these surveys, and we will build a repository of information that enables us to learn from one another!



Your Role as an ITF

How do you manage / balance time between facilitating
professional development / serving instructional technology
needs and being the "fix-it" person?

If you could share a best practice that has helped
you in your role as ITF, what would it be?

If you serve multiple schools, how do you create your
schedule to serve those schools?


Professional Learning for Teachers

Do you use a needs assessment for teachers to inform your
professional learning planning? What questions do you include?
(Add link to survey example, if you would like to share it.)

How do you provide professional development for your teachers?
(Consider including link to PD plan and/or related webpage.)

How are you modeling effective and innovative teaching
strategies in your professional development delivery?

Share other lessons learned and best practices related
to providing professional development to teachers.


Note: Your responses to the Google form will be captured into a public Google spreadsheet for everyone to view.