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Start with what coaching ISN'T:

  • program enforcement
  • a tool to fix people
  • therapy
  • consulting

(Aguilar, 19)

The art of coaching is...

  • doing (a set of actions)
  • thinking (holding a set of beliefs)
  • being (in a way that results in those actions leading to change)

(Aguilar, 20)

Coaching models

  • directive (instructional)
    • focuses on teacher's behaviors
    • coach shares expertise
    • doesn't usually expand teacher's capacity
  • facilitative
    • supports teachers to learn new ways of thinking and being
    • uses reflection, analysis, observation, and experimentation
    • working in zone of proximal development
    • coach scaffolds
  • transformative
    • incorporates strategies from directive and facilitative coaching
    • directed at three domains
      • teacher and his behaviors, beliefs, and being
      • institutions and systems in which the teacher works
      • broader education and social systems
    • coach works to see interrelationships and patterns of change

(Aguilar, 20-25)

Coaching includes...

  • building relationships and trust
  • listening and questioning
  • building a work plan
  • looking through various lenses
  • self-reflection

coaching conversations green line.png

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