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Thinking about yourself...

  • What do you believe?
  • What are your core values?
  • What is your vision?

Clarifying and communicating your role...

  • How is this different from what you’ve been doing?
  • How do you foster buy-in for the change?
    • Visit classrooms
    • Build relationships
      • What's the current reality?
      • Informal conversations
      • Uncover knowledge, skills, and passions
    • Share a menu of coaching options
  • How can this be communicated?
  • Focus on learning

Plan for the planning...

  • Analyze your schedule
  • Consider tools for planning, documenting, coaching conversations
  • Review coaching conversation analysis tool
    • Listen to how you listen
    • Think about coaching questions
  • Think through scenarios

Make your meetings rock...

Invest in yourself...

  • Professional growth- sharpen your saw! Schedule it!
    • Book study
    • Twitter chats (#ETcoaches)
    • MOOC
    • Peer coaching
  • Curate resources
  • Journal and reflect


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coaching conversations green line.png

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